The Original Sub Center was founded in 1961. Sub Center is known for their amazing Philly Cheesesteaks and cold cut subs in the Davie area. In 2000, the name was incorporated to SubCafé. For over 48 years, traditional recipes and ingredients, inclusively their “well-known” sub bread recipe has been passed along from generation to generation. SubCafé feels privileged to continue this legacy.


SubCafé has expanded our products and services by offering breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Many of the new products include, Smoothies, Natural Juices, Homemade Pastries and Specialty Coffee beverages. We also offer specials daily for your convenience. Check them out on the specials page! We have invested and dedicated a lot of our time in SubCafé for our clients, and we will continue to work hard to exceed expectations.

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Our newly renovated facility includes, an outside patio sitting area surrounded by beautiful plants, a relaxing water fountain, and air conditioned mist-fans. Inside you will find new furnishing, décor and kitchen equipment. We have a train that travels around the café above the tables for children to enjoy as well as a fish tank with assorted fishes.


Whether this is your first visit or you’re a longtime guest, we promise to make your dining experience memorable and the best value in town. Join us at Subcafé and be prepared to be amazed at the atmosphere, food, and drinks!


Certificate of Recognition from Nova Southeastern University

Sun Sentinel Article